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A Bit About Me

Hi my name is Shay Zoref.
I live in Tel Aviv Israel and I am a web developer.
I provide web development and webmaster services mostly with Wordpress, Drupal and Bootstrap sites.
In the past years i have build, customize and managed over 30 live sites in the fintech industry.
I know the online world and all the angles of dealing with complex websites. from building one to managing the content, hosting, promoting (seo) and how to protect it and keep it safe.
I offer one solution to all your online needs under one roof with a perfect package that combine my developer and webmaster experience and knowledge!
I am very skilled at what i do and i learn more skills as i go.

Why i Do what i Do?

EASY.. To make better sites and give better service.
From my past experience there is not always a good match between people, products and their websites. many times it was the easy and cheap way out for the client other times its just a lack of knowledge that was used by those who build their sites.
This combination makes frustrated clients and bad websites!
I want to change that by creating great websites that makes happy, productive successful clients.
Not trying to save the world just trying to save you ;)

Looking forward to work with you on your exciting project!

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